Friday, 29 July 2011

Tech Dice

Another oldie, A range of dice I designed, The  D100 took a looooong time to put together! 

Update: due to the huge amount of attention these items are getting  I've made a REAL plastic (or whatever material you want, stainless steel anyone?) version available.

Simply order and you'll get the dice from shapeways in 2 weeks 

20,000 Leagues - Nemos Organ

An oldie from early '09, this semi-exploded (ok I admit as an image it doesn't work well) view shows all the separate parts I  made for this kit.

2010 Discovery Artwork / Desktop background

Box / Promotional Artwork for the Discovery 2010 Model Kit 
(which was also built by yours truely) 

Soon to be available from Admiralty Modelworks.

Terran Expeditionary Force - Desktop Wallpaper Poster thing.

Emphasis on the 'Force'

Coming soon to Microworld Games

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

John Bear Ross

I only started this blog today, inspired by a man I just call "The Bear." or to his face; "Sir."

He's a fantastic sculpter and easily the most experienced digital prototyper I know as well as being just supercool and supportive and a really nice person, a true professional also.  A vast number of miniatures out there today and enjoyed by so many started off life on his computers and machines.

Be sure to check out his blog for some more way cool designs.

Marine Armoured Personnel Carrier

Another recent Khurasan mini for the 15mm scale, any similarity to any other fictional army battle-bus is purely coincidental.

Soviet Walkers.

A recent commission for Khurasan, I designed and constructed these  miniature armoured suits which in production will be less than 30mm tall - designed for a slightly oversize 15mm figure scale.

You can actually fit a person ergonomically inside the suits limbs so you would "wear it" like a suit, required careful design work, but I think it turned out well.

XR2 MK2 Work in Progress

The XR2 mk2 is currently in development for Orbiter, in conjunction with Douglas Beachy, who writes the code to make it work in the simulator.

Sasquatch - Heavy Duty Scifi Rover / Explorer

Built for orbiter and other applications, basically an extreme space vehicle, the upper part is a shuttle craft, while the lower is a durable off road, on world chassis.  Pictured next to the XR2 mk2 WIP.