Online Portfolio

A selection of some of my favourite works.

The Time Machine, from the Classic Movie of the same name, built for the famous Mike Evans of Relic Miniatures.
Parts Breakdown for the printable model.

Heavy Armor Type B from Section 8 for the Xbox 360, Built for Timegate Studios.

XR2 Mk2, A freeware project for Orbiter
Terran Expeditionary Force, Built for Microworld Games, printed as 6mm scifi /sci-fi wargaming miniatures.
ISS Mjollnir (look it up;)) Built for Joe Ksander's independent film "Irrealis".
Steinway Model D, Built for The Admiralty Model works, printed as 1/4 scale display piece.
Ionia Class Hunter/Killer, A heavily armed spaceplane for my own universe project.
Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, built for The Admiralty Modelworks
Damaged section from the ISS Mjollnir
Captain Nemos Organ, from 20,000 Leagues. Built for Custom Models USA.