Sunday, 7 September 2014

Drop Pod Animation - Mockup Artwork

Hello again dear friends and readers! Sharing a mock-up image of a 3D rendered animation I'm working on for a client... I built the Drop Pod last year for Clear Horizon, and you can read more about it here... Stay tuned to this URL, l mean like constantly, keep refreshing, for the finished animation.

The Bauble of death, packed to the upper bulkhead with troops, guns, grenades and other things that go boom, plunges into its latest 'peacekeeping' mission

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cover Art - O.K. Simon!

 A recent commission for an up and coming musician - OK Simon!

Starting with the final image, why not?

A mid-way in development, the orange fluid was meant to be Brandy, but went wrong and orange... Like Brandy does in space, maybe. Note the Picard approach to hairstyling, we covered this up with a baseball cap which had local significance for the client.
Ending with the concept pic, based on a discussion with the client, who wanted to see a cyborg representation of himself in space, one specific thing required was an open Brandy bottle, and the contents emptying uselessly into the void, I thought it would be fun if the fluid formed the cover title.  On review, my client suggested that he'd like to see tank tracks rather than legs, to up the surrealism.  While working on the model I decided it was a combat cyborg accidentally ejected from its orbiting deployment platform...;)
Available for further commissions, Contact Artist to talk about your artwork, and please Check out OK Simon, and see the artwork in use here:

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Gone Squatchin'

Here's a test of some landscape / environment rendering techniques.
"Cinematic" style

Vintage Miniatures style.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Space Babes 002 - Princess Kalakahumaka XVII

Well its Valentines day again, Coolhand is drowning under piles of cards and underwear from his adoring fans. Anyway, In truth I'm just drowning under torrents of water and half my city is flooded out.  But just to make things a little more damp, here's another Pin-up for all the lonely space-gauchos out there. 
Wearing her hooker boots and stockings.
Princess Kalakahumaka XVII in her official court painting.
When the Nakkaleqisu visited earth long ago they took many things, plants, bees and human DNA which they fused into a new royal line in an effort to combat the effects of centuries of interbreeding.  Princess Kalakahumaka XVII is the latest in this more or less successful breeding program, her semi-human looks and fashion sense are the envy of the females of the ordinary Nakkaleqisu populace.....