Monday, 13 February 2012 TEF 6mm Sci fi mini's

Here are the existing models for Microworlds TEF collection, apparently the last few vehicles are nearly ready to be added. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw them because i think they look great, better than I had expected... I would also like to share the wonderful paint jobs that Aaron Dickey applied to them.

I designed the vehicles and infantry myself, and although I'm biased, I think they turned out just great and will be one of the best 6mm fleets out there, thanks of course to Steve Salotti of Microworld who has patiently assembled the people required for production and got the designs out there, I hope they do him proud.

I've reposted my poster image of the fleet so you can see how they turned out compared to the 3d renderings, I think with the great paint job the production mini's look even better than the renderings.

(I'm extra pleased that Aaron chose similar colour scheme for the real models, as it makes it easy to compare)

Alright, I'll stop gushing now... Check them out and buy a set:) 

All the vehicles seen here will shortly be available, currently you can get the jet gunship, the 4 wheel car, the 6 wheel APC, 10 wheel IFV, the motorbike and the infantry guys, click the link below!