Tuesday, 6 March 2012

McQuarrie inspired oldies.

All of these were built pre-2005-6: While I consider them original designs in their own right, the influence of mcquarries style, looking back is evident.  

Originally completed in 2002 its all engines and guns and little else other than a frame and skin holding the parts together; I have been often told it would 'fit right in' with Star Wars.   Curiously this is my most often copied design. Someone recently had the cheek to build a copy of it and enter it in a deviant art contest, while I complained at the time I was more annoyed that he didn't win.

BTW rather than copying it vertex for vertex he could have saved himself a LOT of time and simply bought a copy of it from my 3D02 store: http://www.3d02.com/3d_model_index.aspx?OptSearchType=1&TxtAuthor=coolhand 

(Infact blog readers can get a copy for slightly cheaper - leave a comment on this webzone if you want a pizza roll, sorry, I mean copy of the 3d model.)

BSG Viper-ish leanings below (the clues in the name!)

^ Infact the shape was more inspired by the 60's lifting body experimentals like the M2F2 etc.

All Textures for this one became lost in a cumbersome misfortune involving a thunderstorm and exploding powersupply.

Thats all for now.