Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Alcubierre one. (Dramatic pause) Engage!

To the surprise of almost everyone, our species is now perhaps slightly closer to someone not wearing a Star Trek uniform uttering that statement, in fact he or she may well be wearing a lab coat, probably won't be in space but secretly might like Star Trek....  I'm sure everyone reading this is familiar with this epic plot device as featured in every Star Trek episode ever.  As everything else from Trek becomes true over time we may one day build a functional Alcubierre Drive - the 'real' name for "Warp Drive".

Avoid tricky time dilation, with WARP DRIVE!

Alcubierre bends space in order to cheat Einstein and make a mockery of his ludicrous theories, of course cheating Einstein always takes a ton of energy... More precisely the number of tons that make up the entirety of Jupiter, which is umm, a lot of tons.... So many tons that it clearly makes such a propulsion system a bit of a non-starter since no ship in Star Trek appears to be towing a gas giant behind it, sucking its mass into its warp core with some type of big straw.

How many tons? How the hell should I know, Wes? - It wasn't written in the script. 
But not any more! Probably... By carefully configuring your warp drive in a manner that would make Mr Scott or Geordi La Forge flush with manly pride you can apparently bring this magic amount down to the amount of energy contained in a pifflingly small volume - according to actual real men and women of science its the same mass as the Voyager 1 probe.  Don't ask me how much mileage you'd get out of that, I'm not a scientition, dammit.

Avoid silly hats, with ALCUBIERRE DRIVE! 
My only question, how do we get Voyager back and use it to invent Warp travel before its turned into V'ger by that machine race, oh what.... It can be any mass? not specifically Voyager 1, OK I get it, well I have no more questions then.... Oh, who's this, Erich?


Oh there's a surprise, go on then....

I ask the question that science refuses to even make breakfast for and kicks out of it's parents home at 6am before its mother wakes up. If we can Warp-Drive with only the mass of Voyager, so may any Extra Te-rrrrestrial seevilisation...  

Therefore I ask: 

Is Prometheus real future and ancient mythology? 

Is Damon Lindeloff noble future-seer?  

Perhaps most shockingly, we discover that Eeendiana Jones 4 is a semi-plausible reality. 

I would stake my reputation upon this being true. 

If I may interject, Erich. This news will clearly be a boon to those in fringe science... Since it utterly blows the 'can't get here from there' argument out of the water.. Presumably a whole new series of Ancient Aliens is therefore in the works?

I have already ordered brand new yacht in anticipation! 

But perhaps the best part of the following article which validates and unfortunately inspired this trek into madness: http://www.space.com/17628-warp-drive-possible-interstellar-spaceflight.html

"White and his colleagues have begun experimenting with a mini version of the warp drive in their laboratory." 

Which is why I said they'd probably be wearing a lab coat.... Or perhaps an old pair of jeans and crinkled T-shirt (I am as stylish as I am talented). It all sounds straightforward enough... Anyone got some Dilithium handy?