Monday, 27 May 2013

Big Spaceships 003 - Covenant CCS Battle Cruiser - Part 3

Sorry, these trips to Zeta Reticuli seem to be taking longer and longer, anyway, after extracting myself from the floor where I partly materialised this time (I'll have to patch that over with some MDF or something) and recovering from the odd partial de-materialisation, I guessed I should update my blog for the first time in months.

At least Kirk seems to bogged off back to the neutral zone (I caught sight of the Enterprise passing Jupiter 2 on the way back), and MacFarlane back where he belongs herding manatees to produce more award winning comedy. The starlets of Hollywood once again safer than Cyril Sneer when Bert Racoon is sleeping off his last Meth-Amphetamine binge. Anyway, less talk-y more post-y. Picking up where we left off, guess what, more detailing...

A lovely view of Pruit Igoe prior to demolition.
The project moves into its final phase of development, time is running short... 
I still had little idea of the shots in mind, so great importance is placed adding lots of detail, everywhere.... Sometimes you might want to save time and add a greater level of detail in a given area, like precision targeting a jungle ammo dump at night with an A-6, but this is more like carpet bombing South East Asia with a fleet of B-52's... A slow and steady process of even, merciless coverage.

Plating the beast
Another change of lighting, to better illustrate the detail which tends to occlude itself with shadows - which is kinda what you want. 
Some kind of command towers oversea the greeble sea
I think I really hoped they'd do a nice close run along the side, and one of the few shots discussed with the production team involved a great look at the side.
Many sinister creatures scuttle the hallways behind these windows.
Downtown Hanoi, get ready to drop those snake-eyes on the SAM's in the Peoples Resistance Park and win the war! Shame my trusty B/N Morg won't be around to see it....  Sadly this time it wasn't shown close enough in any of the shots - I expect the model will be used again at some point, but who knows. 
Jigsaw like plating covers this hulk.
Missing Piece Alert! Missing Piece Alert! 
slightly organic detail intersperses mechanical detail.
Hull integrity restored. Phew. 
More plating and city-sprawl covers the keel.
Detailing the underside, I'm informed that the Covenant employ an open sewer philosophy to waste management so standing underneath one is in-advisable to anyone wearing less than a class 2 enviro-suit. 
Mucho detail abounds.
Lots of detail visible from this angle. 
(Kevin Bacon) I found the a$$ end.
And also here. 
I guess its starting to bug out again, we'll pick this up in the final part with the final renderings in 8 bit binary with Part 00000100.

Stay Tuned.