Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Xtreme-Hobby box-art from 2005

A recent post on JBR's blog reminded me of one of my first projects.  After some rummaging around in the Coolhand Graphics backup CD storage room / hat museum, I dug out these images and a rather fetching purple fedora.

Dare you face down the fearsome Mauridians! You will end up with face down!
JBR built the models as no one trusted me to make the protos back then, I created 3D artwork from them, backgrounds are a little rough in places, and well, there's all kinds of problems with them and mistakes I wouldn't make today but I think the textures worked pretty well, as they're the prototypes for quite small minis the textures have to provide extra levels of complexity, hence the use of pannelled looking textures.

Don't recall a nebula around earth like that, pollution, eh?
Ravenstarstudios now own & produce these models, I know I made some other pics, because there were at least 2 other fleets, perhaps they're over there under that pile of beanies...?

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