Friday, 14 February 2014

Space Babes 002 - Princess Kalakahumaka XVII

Well its Valentines day again, Coolhand is drowning under piles of cards and underwear from his adoring fans. Anyway, In truth I'm just drowning under torrents of water and half my city is flooded out.  But just to make things a little more damp, here's another Pin-up for all the lonely space-gauchos out there. 
Wearing her hooker boots and stockings.
Princess Kalakahumaka XVII in her official court painting.
When the Nakkaleqisu visited earth long ago they took many things, plants, bees and human DNA which they fused into a new royal line in an effort to combat the effects of centuries of interbreeding.  Princess Kalakahumaka XVII is the latest in this more or less successful breeding program, her semi-human looks and fashion sense are the envy of the females of the ordinary Nakkaleqisu populace.....

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