Monday, 23 March 2015

Art Bell - Midnight in the Desert - Wallpaper and Facebook Graphics.

Art Bell, the famed AM talk radio host "From the HIGH DESERT!" is returning to the air and the interwebs this summer with a new show: "Midnight in the Desert" - All but guaranteed to spook, expand minds and entertain, in no particular order. 

UFO's and Extraterrestrials are a popular theme of the show, and also of mine! No surprise then, that I had this friendly Reticulan and his flying saucer out in the hangar, and got them to pose for the following photograph; they were happy to do this, after all they're Art Bell fans too!

Just another Tuesday night out by Area51...

I put the image together as a 1080 HD desktop wallpaper, I heard nothing so of course assumed the image had been intercepted by the proper authorities.

Eventually, Keith - Art's webmaster (remember those?) suggested using it for Art's facebook page, which is exactly what happened!

Of course the neighbors totally freaked when the thing lit up their backyard...

Check out the end result here: 

BTW, any fans of the XR2 and Orbiter might recognise the Alien - he also appears on the windscreen of the spacecraft every Halloween!

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