Monday, 7 January 2013

Halo 4 - Preview of my work for Spartan Ops DLC missions.

In the sweltering heat of last summer, 2012, As the country settled in to watch the Olympics I found myself taking on an Olympic sized challenge of my own, one you could say I've been in training for, for some time now.

I won't go too much into specifics, as I don't officially have any permission to post images etc, but you can see the covenant ships I built for them toward the end of this trailer. Here's a grab from part of it.

The trailer itself has been out since the end of October, but I believe the episodes that heavily feature the models are out this month (if you know differently please drop me a commnent below!)

I also built some of the explosion / wreckage meshes, anyway its a quick taste of intense spaceship action to come, hopefully more of the model will be seen in the productions, which form downloadable video content for a DLC with extra missions for the game. 

Soon as I get the all clear, which should be this month sometime, I'll post some gigantic images of the model so you can see all the detail thats on it and possibly detail the creation of the small and large covenant cruisers in one of my "Big Spaceships" Work in progress reconstruction threads.  

This was a very challenging build, both due to the sheer scale of it, the amount of detail and also because that detail had to conform to very organic curving shapes as typical of Halo's Covenant technology - which is about 10 times more difficult to accomplish than slab sided, straight edged models like my old Akula because no two bits of hull are at the same angle, curvature, etc.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing more of it in the full episode!