Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ninja Magic ships painted up.

Just stumbled on this video on Robbin Fitton's G+ page.  Takes me back a bit, I built the protos for these for one of my first clients, Ninja Magic.

Here's his painting guide with lots of great closeups of a couple of the Junila ships, I also worked on the Kikoku fleet and perhaps something else - It was so long ago the brain modules that stored that data have undoubtedly corroded or eaten by scraplets.

And they are quite beautifully fetching in this colour scheme I think, well done sir. 

The Designs were all by Todd Boyce, I translated his plans into 3d and made up the detailing as I went along. 

Here are a couple of renderings of the Drone Carrier (these are very old so not the nicest of renderings)

In fact these might even be WIP shots...

Perhaps I will dig out the 3d files and make some better renders one day... 

I have set of the final production castings that Todd sent me... Somewhere, maybe i'll find them one day and give them a paint up, not sure if they'd look as nice as the paint up in the video but stay tuned folks!