Thursday, 14 February 2013

Space Babes 001 - Major Erika Cooper

She may be a battle hardened marine, with years of experience maiming Umpa Lumpas on Rigel 7 (hey, its either maim or be maimed), but she has a soft side too, all the same don't get complacent or say the wrong thing or she'll kick your a**...

Here, she is pictured on board the UNSS Ecliptic, on tour near the Heart Nebula (thank you Hubble), sporting at least part of a MkIV Combat Harness, with the optional Tactical Command Helmet which includes integrated brain-stem interface hardware, speeding tactical decisions.  The Martini, is very dry - though where she's been keeping the olives is a secret. 

For all you lonely Space Marines out there, Valentines sucks if you're on patrol somewhere out on the cold, lonely fringes of the cosmos... Unless you have a holosuite of course: Wife? What wife? - You know, the one you forgot to get a card or present for....  

If you really are lonely tonight (and I'd be surprised if you are because 100% of science fiction fans are of course in long term stable relationships), then perhaps try brewing up a genetically engineered pleasure GELF in your sink, build a sexbot in your garage or just hit the bottle* until you think you see one, then pass out. 

*Coolhand Graphics expects you to drink responsibly, no more than 3 jugs of Space Hooch per recreation cycle, for example, and takes no liability for overdoses of any kind caused by Valentines depression, Vogon construction fleets, and / or waking up in a pool of vomit, just pray its your own.