Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Big Spaceships 004 - Columbia Class Carrier - Part 2 (of 2)

Carriers face off against one another
Pew Pew Die Lenin class carrier!
OK, lets get this one finished in short order!

Large multibarrel guns adorn the upper surfaces
The reverse of the last shot in the previous article, superstructures are busy as always.
I'm sure this ship, like many of my others generated tons of criticism, debate and arguments years ago at Those looking at the first pic in this article, showing opposing carrier fleets might be wondering why in sci-fi the big ships get so close its like they need to use cannon balls, like its 1750 and the spacecraft are made of wood.  Well, its perhaps not realistic as we might imagine space combat today but that kind of thing makes for far more exciting looking effects - its always just more fun to put opposing spacecraft within spitting distance so sometimes you have to let it go and enjoy the film.

The dock of the bay
Note the baffles/sheilds and the recovery crane for larger vehicles.
  The Allies employ a much cleaner type of propulsion than the Soviets, and pilots might be expected to land by passing directly through the engine plume - or possibly the engines are turned off for spacecraft recovery, after all this is space and not the sea; hey, lets mix and match our realities as much as possible, its Sci-Fi, baby.... If we assume more realism, to offer some kind of protection from off-but-still-hot nuclear engines an array of baffles and shields are built between engine modules and flightpath/landing bay.

A large fictional spacecraft
Getting much closer to completion, surfaces looking a little bland.

The bows and pennant of a large fictional spacecraft
Totally ripping off Joe Haldeman here, sorry Joe.

A 3d rendering of a fictional spacecraft
A splash of colour lifts it a bit, bit of a 'Republic' scheme.

Is it the bucket, or the beast?
Makes you want to rotate your head or something.

A fictional spacecraft, in space
All too obvious themes from nature here.

rear of the spacecarrier
250! I don't know... seriously i've forgotten, meters?

OOOoooh, pretty.
Test firing the heating and cutting beams, it heats with some kind of focussed EM beam and cuts with a particle beam, nasty.

big ships!
Now you know how big this big ship is, its pretty big.
Another space battle test render, similar to the one at the top of the article...
 I started making some images with these models but they rarely amounted to much - my compulsion was generally to start another project, the renders, animations to come later as all these models did have a purpose to tell a story, as yet untold! nnnnn

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the images, even if its all a bit old.  More, better, exciting, thrilling action to come folks, if you liked it, or even if you didn't but are feeling generous please hit the share buttons, and feel free to leave a comment!

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